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Verizon Media ConnectID helps publishers and advertisers

Built on the base of Verizon Media’s consumer-first values along with market-leading advertisements technologies, the brand new unified ID solution was made to encourage advertisers, publishers and users whilst the electronic landscape evolves off from biscuits as ways to control and reach audiences on line.

Verizon Media ConnectID helps publishers and advertisers

The ending of thirdparty biscuits and other tracking mechanics is leading publishers and entrepreneurs to locate solution, privacy-centric identity methods to keep addressability for relevant advertisements and monetization.

Verizon Media

The brand new merged I D helps advertisers purchase, quantify and optimize advertisements while allowing publishers to handle, monetize and browse crowds –without third party biscuits by harnessing Verizon Media’s power in:

Based on Comscore, Verizon Media brands are 1 at operation & Finance News from the US2, whereas its email companies are 2 in relation to reach3.

Diverse I d chart: Differentiated and diverse data at scale 200 billion statistics signs daily4. Verizon Media’s Identity Graph is developed on data from direct consumer connections via mediacom email a selection of Omni Channel, cross-screen touch-points, such as mobile program, hunt, owned and managed internet sites and programs, email and more.

A Full-Stack: For example a end-to ending

Full-stack tech partner using a award-winning DSP and also SSP5 Verizon Media can creatively encourage publishers and advertisers in safeguarding the complete value of these articles and promotion.

A full-stack also permits for one user game pool around demand and furnish platforms to get superior transparency, audience and trades precision, with no thirdparty integrations necessary to begin.

Privacy: Ranked number 1 at dependable information protections by Advertiser Perceptions6. Data is hashed, opt-in, and consent-based, allowing direct relevant advertisements when maintaining dedication to user choice and solitude.

We’re uniquely positioned to induce scaledup, consumer-first identity methods to help publishers and advertisers browse the evolving digital landscape,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media.

Our reputable, premium world wide properties applied by tens of thousands of thousands of peopleour individuality chart assembled roughly countless daily, consent-based statistics signs, and also the only real individual advertising platform having a full-stack DSP and also SSP to shield data integrity around supply and demand, all get together to fix this brand new landscape to our shoppers.

Verizon Media ConnectID helps publishers and advertisers reach users where they spend their period mobile, connected television, digital sound, digital-out-of-home, and much more, while still respecting consumer choice and solitude.

It can help marketers maximize the capacity of their very own First Party data for effort optimization and dimension also empowers publishers to leverage First Party audience data for much better monetization included in their Verizon Media A D Platform.

Dev Pragad, CEO of Newsweek, said: we would like to deliver the very best experience possible for the viewers in addition to optimize revenue for your superior articles we produce. To make certain we could optimize our customers’ user experience whilst optimizing our earnings we want partners such as Verizon Media who is able to associate our viewers with all quality advertisers and adventures, optimize return and make certain our viewers’ privacy choices have been respected.

Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra said: Since digital advertisements is entering a new age of individuality, it’s vital for all of us to work well with mates that are interoperable using your solutions and certainly will ensure we are still reach viewers with relevant messages in an privacy-centric method.

Verizon Media

Any advertiser now using our individuality solution would be also ready to aim, plan and measure with Verizon Media’s unified ID solution, Verizon Media gives providers and advertisers representing thema obvious means to guarantee business continuity in an unclear future.

Verizon Media is now taking an incorporated internet-based method of building sustainable individuality solutions for your near future :

(1) purchasing continuous identity within its Advertisement Platform eco system,

(2) developing nextgeneration ID-less audience solutions

(3) and glancing across the with leading data providers such as Acxiom, Adstra, Equifax IXI, Experian, Neustar, trans union, and


also Throtle, while also dealing together with IAB Tech Lab programs to come up with industry-wide pro-privacy solutions for addressability with responsibility. Verizon Media ConnectID produces on the very first portion of this plan.

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